Economic Impacts of Defense Contracts in Washington State

Defense contracts inject billions of dollars into Washington state each year.
The modeling tools and interactive visualizations on this site analyze the direct and secondary impacts that defense contracts have in Washington state.

With this tool you can view:

Impact By Industry

County Comparisons

Custom Impact Scenarios

Dynamic Data Visualizations

Total Economic Impact, 2015

Defense-Related Business Revenues by County, 2015

Defense-Related Jobs by Industry, 2015

Fiscal Impact of Defense-Related Activity, 2015

This economic modeling tool is primarily based on award and assistance contract data made available through www.usaspending.gov. While numerous steps have been taken to provide the most informed and accurate model of the impacts of defense contracts, as explained in the model documentation, available data regarding these contracts is still limited in its completeness and quality. The site averages data over multiple years to ensure that any data issues are minimized as much as possible, and this site will continue to evolve as better data and methodology are available. See the USAspending.gov FAQ page for more information on this dataset.